Our History — Meet Maggie

Maggie Jensen lived from 1880 to 1974 spending approximately half of her life in business — about 40 years operating two hotels and a café, and in her later years, she rented out sleeping rooms. She lived in Williams, IA in what was known as the Harrison house; it was used as her dwelling for nearly 59 years. She and her late husband, Jens Jensen, purchased that house in 1910, a few months after fire had destroyed their first hotel. She had as many as sixteen steady boarders in the Harrison house and would furnish three meals a day in addition to raising seven children. Her husband died in 1922 when their youngest son George, was five years old. After discontinuing the hotel, she operated the Home Café for 14 years out of necessity to raise her family. She was truly a lady entrepreneur.

She gained fame in Williams by never forgetting anyone’s birthday, greeting everyone with a smile, creating poems, and having a great sense of humor. Even with hardships like her house burning down, husband dying at age 50, losing three children, and going through the depression, her famous saying was “nothing is so bad that it can’t be worse.”

At age 93, Maggie, being unable to live alone, was in an old house that had been converted into a nursing home. Her care was fine, but her family felt the conditions for her and visitors should be better. So Maggie’s family began exploring options for developing senior living communities because they believed seniors should have the best of care.

Maggie’s family and friends later began developing and managing senior living communities — Cedar Ridge Village is the newest addition. To learn more about the parent company and the sister communities, visit PivotalHC.com

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