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Domestic violence classes riverside

Promising Outlook is proud to offer the best domestic violence classes in Riverside, CA. Our professional staff is caring and compassionate, helping victims and abusers overcome domestic violence in all of its forms. Promising Outlook’s counselors are highly trained and skilled, fully capable of teaching people new techniques to overcome violence and help victims escape from relationships in cases of extreme violence.

Promising Outlook’s domestic violence intervention classes are perfect for court-ordered individuals who need to learn new skills to cope with relationship troubles. Still, you don’t have to be court-ordered to benefit from Promising Outlook’s domestic violence program. To learn more about this program or to speak with a DV counselor, call Promising Outlook 24/7 for help or support

What You Will Learn in Our Domestic Violence Classes in Riverside

Domestic violence isn’t just hitting, pushing, slapping, or shoving. Domestic violence takes place in many different ways. Here’s a synopsis of what our students learn in our domestic violence classes in Riverside:

What is Physical Violence?

Extreme cases of domestic violence are obvious and are easy to identify. They are usually undeniable because the brutality involved leaves bruises, scars, injuries, etc. However, hair-pulling, mushing, playful slapping, shoving, pushing, pulling, bumping – these are all forms of domestic violence. Any time a person is being touched in a way that they don’t want to be touched, this is domestic violence.

What is Verbal Violence?

Psychological abuse is often more traumatizing than physical abuse. Yelling, swearing, calling someone names, or saying things that are intended to harm the other partner is verbal violence, which is a form of domestic violence.

What is Emotional and Psychological Violence?

Emotional and psychological violence also occurs in many ways. Usually, these types of domestic violence cases are used to get the victim to behave the way the abuser wants them to behave. This can include influencing the children of the home to be for or against one partner or another, shaming, embarrassing, humiliating, and more.

What is Sexual Violence?

Just because two people are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to say no. If one partner forces or coerces the other partner to engage in unwanted sexual activities, this too, is domestic violence.

What is Financial Violence?

Using money to manipulate or get your way in a relationship, such as withholding money, is a form of domestic violence.

So, What is Domestic Violence then?

As you can see, domestic violence can take shape in many different forms. Domestic violence occurs when one partner abuses the other. Physical, psychological, and emotional abuse are all signs of unhealthy relationships and must stop.

Who does Domestic Violence happen to?

Statistics show that women are victims of domestic violence disproportionately to men, but some women are abusers also. These cases can be the worst because the tendency of society is to view the woman as the weaker vessel, and therefore, “how could she do anything to hurt the man.”    


Domestic violence classes riverside