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Behavioral Health Services Orange County

OC Teen Center is a preeminent clinic for behavioral health services in Orange County with highly skilled and accredited therapists, budget-friendly rates, and hundreds of positive reviews. We specialize in treating mental and behavioral issues in teenagers and children and help them lead a healthy, fulfilling, and gratifying life.

Our approach to behavioral health issues 

Our best team of adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal, create personalized therapy plans for each teenager to help them attain their wellness goals via an integrated treatment approach. We use a combination of individual therapy and support group meetings to identify, address, and treat behavioral and mental health challenges in children between ages 12 and 19.

Ranked as the #1 clinic for pediatric mental health services in Orange County, we treat trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other psychiatric disorders with a variety of symptoms and health risks. Dr. Saleh Beheshti’s unique approach and the use of evidence-based treatments allow us to help hundreds of troubled teenagers every year lead a better, healthier life.

What are some of the behavioral health disorders?

Behavioral health examines how your habits and lifestyle impact your overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Behavioral health is a subset of mental health, and some of these disorders can arise due to changes in brain chemistry or genetic inheritance. Behavioral health disorders also stem from maladaptive behaviors and typically start after a significant life change, illness, or traumatic event. Some of the behavioral health disorders include:

  1. Substance abuse
  2. Gambling
  3. Sex addiction
  4. Eating disorders

Behavioral health disorders can often co-occur with mental health issues. Meeting with a teen psychologist in Orange County can help you heal comprehensively from your behavioral and underlying mental health problems.

How do I help my teenager overcome a behavioral addiction?

Have your teenager meet with one of the child psychologists in Orange County, California, to help them deal with a behavioral addiction. As a leading mental health clinic for teenagers, we offer youth therapy in Southern California to help them embrace a healthier lifestyle. Here’s what to try as a parent to help your teenager lead a healthy life:

  • Have the talk – Talk to your son/daughter in the early stages of their adolescence how abusing drugs and alcohol can destroy their lives. 
  • Encourage healthy habits – Discuss how their lifestyle choices, sleep, and diet can affect their health, appearance, and energy levels. Encourage your child to eat right, exercise regularly, sleep for at least 8 hours a day, and emphasize eating together as a family.
  • Discuss media messages – Teenagers often get influenced by television programs, social media trends, movies, and pop culture. Unfortunately, the messages they get are not always healthy and can confuse them. Encourage your teen to question and analyze things they see and hear before believing them.

Get in touch with us at 714-716-5044 to schedule a consultation with one of our therapists at OC Teen Center. As the #1 treatment center for behavioral health services in Orange County, we help teenagers overcome trauma, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Behavioral Health Services Orange County

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Behavioral Health Services Orange County

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